) Lyman Gillen

Incentives: Why Set the Stage in Glacier Country

Western Montana may be easy on the eyes, but that’s not the only reason to consider this place of wild wonder as your next shoot location. There are plenty of incentives for filming in Glacier Country.

MEDIA Tax Credit

The Montana Economic Development Industry Advancement (MEDIA) Act offers a 20% transferable income tax credit on production expenditures in Montana, with additional amounts that can increase the credit up to 35% of the production company’s base investment in the tax year. Read more about it here.

Big Sky Film Grant

The Big Sky Film Grant Program builds and supports partnerships with filmmakers and production companies with the intention to create Montana film industry jobs. The grant program enhances the marketing efforts of Montana’s tourism regions and advocates for the state’s people, history and overall quality of life. Read more about it here.

Bonus Incentives

From western hospitality and ease of access to fishing between takes and moseying up to the taproom bar at one of the country’s best microbreweries, being on location in Glacier Country has its perks. Not to mention, golden hour is three hours long. Here’s a longer list of bonus incentives. But in Montana, the incentives are endless.

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